Our Journey

Passion for Christ International Center is a Unique, Non-denominational, Nonprofit, Multi-dynamic, Global, and Christian Organization that was conceived in 2010. This unique ministry was put together by the Almighty God for the purpose of humanity to have a new life and new hope in the promises of God for our life.

This is a ministry that strongly believes that God created us in his own perfect image and likeness of God and as such will want us to live a life of abundance, purpose and happiness.

Passion for Christ has its foundation on intercession and prayers for one another, teaching the word of God and showing unconditional love to one another. The ministry cannot stress enough of the unconditional love Christ showed to humanity when he spoke about “Love been the greatest gift of all that man can give”. This ministry was birth on 29th October 2014, and its headquarters is in Houston Texas. The general overseer of the ministry is our Lord Jesus Christ while the vision bearer is Pastor Chuks Otalor. The guiding Pillars of Passion for Christ is inspired from psalm 36:7 and Psalm 41: 1-3.

God’s promise to this ministry is to demonstrate love to as many people it comes across and to give a new life and create new hope to the hopeless. Through this ministry anyone who comes in contact with this ministry will actually experience the kind of love Christ showed us and in return will reproduce the exact same love to someone else. Passion for Christ believes that love has hands to help others, it has feet to hasten to the poor in spirit, poor financially, poor emotionally, and poor spiritually. It also has feet to hasten to the needy. Passion for Christ has eyes to see misery and want, and it has ears to hear the sighs and sorrows of children, women, and men. Passion for Christ functions both locally and globally by partnering with other organizations to change one life at a time by creating new life to everyone it comes across. The purpose of this ministry teaches us to walk in the will and purpose of God for our lives and to realize that every storm we go through in life is a leap to our testimony and greatness plus you will never walk the wilderness alone because Christ walks it with us. It also teaches us the abundance of God’s love with the word of God as a guiding path.

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