Pastor Chucks Otalor

Pastor Chuks Otalor Is an anointed man of God that has strong passion for God. He is a teacher and preacher of the word. He is the presiding and founding pastor of Passion for Christ International Center, A fast growing non-denominational church. His passion is to give “New life New Hope” to Christians and non-believers. He is the president of Global Outreach Ministries- a non-profit organization which is a arm for Passion for Christ. He is committed to impacting the world through given new life new hope to Christians. He lives in Houston and married with two children.

Dr. (Mrs) Anne Otalor

Dr. Anne Otalor is a passionate woman of God who believes humanity is secured from the trials and tribulations of this world if and when we anchor our lives to the “Vine” our Lord Jesus Christ and allow the “Vine Bearer” God the father himself to beautify us. She is passionate about souls, salvation, and walking in the purpose and vision of God. She is a founder of Little Lilies Haven a passionate motherless baby home because she strongly believes that every child deserves the best in life, the total man ministry that helps us grow in prayers, building our family, living a healthy life and walking our role in life as ordained by God. Dr. Anne Otalor is a prayer warrior and an intercessor with a strong believes that a prayerful man or woman is a treat to the devil and a strong foundation of a family and nation. She obtained her medical degrees from Nigeria and Japan, and is happily married to Pastor Chuks Otalor the overseer of Passion for Christ Int’l Center where God himself is the founder and owner of the ministry. She is blessed with two adorable kids, Olivia and Joseph otalor.

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