Mission statement

We are the voice in creating new Life, New Hope for the Total man through Christ Jesus.

Vision statement

Passion for Christ International Centers will observe the following mandates:

  • To minister new life, new hope and peace to humanity Psalm 36:7 and Psalm 41:1-3
  • Prayer and counseling session for addicts, domestic violence, battered children, women and men too.
  • To provide a little lilies Haven for our unfortunate motherless babies, because every child is precious in the sight of God and as such should have the same love and opportunity to life.
  • To create a between career ministry where information is available to help our new immigrants in the country to settle down and choose a career path, licensing, evaluations and preparing for various board exams.
  • Put a smile on the face of a child during our “Dress a child event” for Easter and Christmas.
  • Our new life, new hope program gives each and everyone of us a second chance at erasing our first mistakes because even our savior is a God of second chance. This program is particularly to help our transformed men and women who had problems with the law to build a new life through counseling, support groups, finding jobs and helping them stay focused, this helps them to get absorbed into the society and rededicate their live to Christ.
  • Youth workshop forum is focused on our teenagers, youths and young adult to stay focused to attain the best in life. Have a career forum to inform our youths about various career paths and the path to excellence. To prepare their mind for the hurdles ahead to achieve greatness.
  • To help teenagers and youths with tutorial classes during summer vacations from schools. This forum helps them intellectually and also teaches the word of God as a strong foundation for their existence with prayers and counseling.
  • The youth workshop will also support youths and young adults who believe college is not for them but still carry a “Seed of Greatness” this forum helps them discover their talents and teaches them how to use the hands or talents to create jobs and opportunity for themselves.
  • Our youth empowerment program encourages every child to stand against bullying because they are “Individuals that God loves uniquely”.
  • Teach our youths, teenagers and young adult to overcome peer pressure, build self esteem and teach them to walk in the way of the lord to achieve greatness.
  • “My body is the temple of the Almighty God and as such should not be abused or misused program” which teaches our teenagers, youths and young adult against teen pregnancy and indulging in sexual immorality.
  • “You need no approval from another man before you feel loved program” God is love and the ultimate love is from God. This workshop speaks to our youths about love, sex and sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Salvation is free “Donate a bible program” is very dear to our heart to bring Christ to people or nations that has never heard the word of God and to give a bible to everyone to continue their work in God.
  • Passion for Christ Chapel is our sanctuary for prayers and intercession, bible study, worship and call center for help.
  • Employment resource center helps with creating networks for jobs, planning resume, preparing you for interviews, giving tips and providing resources on getting a job.
  • Financial Workshop forum helps every individual to manage their finances, plan on their finances, manage their finances and create jobs opportunities in the financial sector. Preparing your old age with security for you and your family.
  • Couples Retreat is a family oriented workshop that helps to lay the foundations of marriages to be Christ, mending the cracks in marriages, connecting the head of the household to his head which is “Christ”. Practicing unconditional love in your marriages.
  • Passion for Christ Academy “Creating role models for Christ” is a place that has a pre-school program, after school program and tutorial classes.
  • Connect Center is a small group forum of members to know each other on one on one basis to be their brother’s keeper. The connect center enables the church to be aware of its member’s needs and to be of assistance to one another. The connect center creates interaction, family love, and awareness on many information needed.
  • Community Outreach program. Passion for Christ food pantry provides dairies and essential fruits to families in need, turkey drive for thanksgiving, and back to school supply.
  • Health workshop program, this program gives us the opportunity to invite qualified MDs, NPs, RNs, and PAs, to the center to educate us on various health awareness issues.
  • Plan quarterly check up for free, including breast screening.
  • Invite nutritionist and dieticians to educate us on the need of healthy eating and weight loss.
  • “The God of the Grey hair Ministry” provides support to our elderly and widowed.
  • Passion for Christ temporary shelters and family homes, this program helps to temporary host families, single parents, who are going through transition with jobs or finances and need help with temporary accommodation.

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