Evangelism and Community outreach

  • Local Community outreach on March 28, 2015 at a nearby apartment complex. More than 70 Families were blessed with our token of love from Passion for Christ.

    Mission to Dominican Republic

  • Our Mission trip to Dominican Republic and Haiti on Feb 16, 2015. Pastor Chuks Otalor and the team who went for the mission work.

    Passion for Christ partnered with Food for Hungry, a foundation that cares for the less privileged countries. The mission team interacts with the community to know their needs. The entire community shares one restroom and bathroom.

    FH empowers the Community by teaching them how to farm and breed livestock to have enough to feed their families. Mission team and the community work together to help a family cultivate their harvest. A handicapped man on wheelchair with 6 children and no food to feed. FH comes to help. A young lady who just had a baby and no food at home, but grateful to God. This building serves as a school, church and community center. Still Praising God and full of joy in the mist of uncertainty for tomorrow.